Choosing hardwood flooring as your next investment poses a lot of questions

– and among them is the issue of sustainability and impact on the environment. When you choose hardwood made in the US, our laws and regulations ensure that the quality standards and environmentally safe manufacturing practices are kept.

It may not be the case with hardwoods from other countries. Plus, when you choose regionally sourced American hardwood, there is no burning of fossil fuels to transport them across the ocean. Also, hardwoods play an important role in reducing overall carbon footprint – trees sequester carbon into the wood and do not release it into the atmosphere.

As long as the cut trees are replaced by new ones (a regulated practice in the US) – hardwood is the best flooring choice for the environment and for long-term value.

Aside from these issues, hardwood is an all-natural material that will improve the indoor air quality of your home and, certainly, the looks and the value of your home as well. A good quality hardwood is almost indestructible. Depending on the kind of hardwood, you can refinish it several times and make it last over 100 years.

Having domestic hardwood manufacturers are especially important now, as the world is impacted by the global virus crisis.

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