All the bathrooms feature Schluter shower systems, high definition porcelain tile and they all have their own personal flare.

This episode features Tina and Zach.

Let’s talk about bathroom remodeling, especially custom tile projects. We’re going to overview 4 different bathrooms that we did.

Bathroom #1

This is a lake house at Indian Lake and we wanted to keep a light, fresh, airy bathroom, which people seemed to like. That is high definition porcelain tile, not marble. Waterproof and easy to maintain. A lot of bathrooms put 2-3 niches like this one. It’s a guest bathroom so we didn’t go too crazy on it. On the floor, those are flat pebbles, they’re easy to clean, there’s not a lot of texture to them. People always get worried about rocks on the floor, but it looks great and natural. The drain is a part of the Schluter shower kit, it’s all waterproof under the tile, so it will never leak. We are the only company in the area using that does waterproof tile like that.


Bathroom #2

This is one of my favorite showers that I’ve done. When I went in, I really had a blank slate. There was actually a 5*5′ maroon Jacuzzi tub in the middle of this room and it had mirrors all the way around it. It was really dated but it was a huge room – 12*12′. So we automatically started thinking about walling things off when I pitched the idea of making one big shower room. And the owners both picked up on that. The entire floor is leveled with the carpet outside, so it’s all inline drain system. We had to have contractors come in and recess the floor. The homeowners are planning ahead in case someone will be immobile and need a wheelchair. They’ll be able to just wheel the chair into the shower without worrying about the curb. The entire bathroom floor is heated, even underneath the pebbles, so is the corner bench. The clients picked the sink and we did the counter for it. The counter is finished with Schluter®-RONDEC and it looks very sharp.

Bathroom #3 – Zach’s bathroom

The third bathroom belongs to Zach, our Flooring Consultant. His house was built in 1910 and his bathroom started out as a porch. They extended the bathroom into a closet, adding 4′ of space. But that’s when the challenges came. Everything was rotten, the roof needed to be replaced, all floor trusses were rotten. He had this tile picked out a long time ago. Bud Polley’s has this 5×5” sample of Cinema Beige in the showroom, when he walked by this tile he always thought it was beautiful. It’s very natural, it’s mimicking travertine look, which makes it a great background for decoratives – it’s like a canvass for art. Picture frame in the back was an idea Zach came up with. He wanted a big punchy feature when he walked in. The cove molding on the floor – is not something everyone thinks about doing, because of how common it is to have wood based board. This cove molding is available in bronze, brass or whatever color your fixtures are. It’s nicer and more practical from the standpoint of cleaning. Bathrooms get dusty and the dust gets sticky because it’s wet and humid in a bathroom, tile molding like that is way easier to clean. This bathroom also uses Schluter waterproofing system , even though there’s a bathtub – the bathtub surround is now all waterproof. Zach thinks that if you’re going to do a custom tile project and you’re not going to do the heat – you’re selling yourself short. He has never noticed his electricity bill change and he leaves it on 85 degrees all the time – it’s always toasty, warm , comfortable and inviting. Zach’s family get a lot of complements about it and they really enjoy it.

Bathroom #4

This bathroom belong to a customer we had back in 2004. She did her bathroom floor with us and now was the time for a new shower. Her first question was – can we get the same tile? The answer was no, it was discontinued. So we decided to create something that would coordinate with the look of the floor. Wood and stone just naturally go together. One you see all the variations in the tiles that make it look truly look planks of wood – that’s what made it work. The glass door you see in this shower is the last thing that goes in. We use C.W. Miller glass company. And this is also a bathroom made with Schluter waterproofing system.

How does one get started?

There are all these unique styles, all these different obstacles to overcome. How does a person get started with this? Best thing to do is to call and make an appointment. It’s the best way to help us help you. When you call, we’ll suggest to bring pictures of your existing space, pictures of ideas you might have. Some people get on Pinterest and Houzz, they already have an idea what they want, others don’t, and that’s ok, we can start from scratch. You can also call the store and invite Zach to your house. We can work with any project, be it a remodel or new build.

That’s it for for today.
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