Wheelchairs and carpet don’t get along well. That’s why Adrian and Kathy had us replace a couple of carpeted areas in their home with porcelain tile. The wheels on Adrian’s chair just don’t roll smoothly over carpet. The carpet bunches up, causing damage to the carpet, difficulty with turning and even dramatically lowering the battery life on his wheelchair. But Adrian and Kathy didn’t want to sacrifice good looks for pure functionality, which is why they had us install porcelain flooring. Florida Tile makes some beautiful tile and Adrian and Kathy selected Florida Tile’s Berkshire 6” by 24” tiles in a color called Hickory. Porcelain is virtually indestructible, provides for a smooth, hard surface that doesn’t interfere with Adrian’s wheelchair – plus it looks great. It has the look and feel of a hardwood floor, so much so that most people can’t tell the difference and have to ask. So now Adrian and Kathy have flooring that fits their lifestyle perfectly – functional and beautiful. Here are some photos of the Adrian and Kathy and their home, along with a couple of photos of their bedroom floor that also used to be carpeted.



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