Marble vs Porcelain tile. Marble shower sounds like a wonderful luxury, but real marble is a very fussy material. Marble is porous and absorbent, it’s easy to leave stains on it, and it requires special sealing and maintenance. So this is where porcelain tile comes in. You can have the same luxury of a marble shower, but with less maintenance and at a fraction of the cost.⁠⠀
Shower installation by Dean A. Bowman Construction, Inc.
Things to consider with real marble:⁠⠀
*Don’t die your hair in a marble shower⁠⠀
*Test each bath supply for chemical reactions with marble (to ⁠⠀
avoid chemical etching and staining of marble)⁠⠀
*Check how much iron your marble contains to avoid the ⁠⠀
appearance of rust.⁠⠀
*Not recommended in children’s bathrooms⁠⠀
*It’s recommended to reseal your marble every so often, ⁠⠀
depending on the quality of the marble batch, to keep up the ⁠ good looks and health of the marble.⁠⠀
Shower floors and walls – glazed porcelain tile from Italian company Ceramiche D’Arte. Elegance Venato – Polished White Carrara.⁠⠀

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