We used rectified porcelain tile for these two showers. What does “rectified” mean? Rectification is edge treatment for tile. Once tile is fired in a kiln, it can develop imperfections due to shrinking and warping. To ensure that each tile is the exact same size and the edges are perfectly smooth, the manufacturer grinds, saws or laser cuts the tile. Rectification does not make tile better or worse, but it allows for thinner grout lines and a cleaner, smoother look. Rectified tile is a better choice when you want to install large format tile (larger than 15″), but it can be more expensive and requires a perfectly flat surface. This tile is from Lint Tile – a style called Silk Stone. Color: Ivory. Sizes: 12”x24″on the wall with a 1/3 offset pattern and, 2”x2″ on the floors.

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